PlanBee - News - Year 2008

Here you can find all current topics and news.


Couple photos from the MP-09 show.


Plan Bee was riding on the ice with OCC:n Paul sr. Teutul and his Discover channel`s shooting group. They was filming Finland episode.


Here is videoclip from The Dudesons - Season 3 - Jukkas Motorcycle accident - with Plan Bee:


Check the new Plan Bee movie teaser and see what kind of footages we have to show this time!

Plan Bee - Road Trip -teaser, click here!


Plan Bee wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for all fans!


Plan Bee made new deal with Gatorz-sunglass for season 2009.
Check more:


After riding season Dine was get in the hospital, operate his knee.


Couple photos from KTM/Plan Bee press launch.


Plan Bee-competition has end. Right answer was new KTM Super Dukes and new KTM DukeIII`s!
Winners are : Terzi ja Bomber69, congratulations!


Dine and B#1 doing twin endo, with KTM:

Endo twin by Dine and B#1


Bomber#1`s first High chair circle wheelie with KTM Super Duke
Just take ten`s crashes...

Plan Bees B#1`s first HC circle wheelie whit KTM Super Duke


Finnish Bike-mag editor Sami Salonen was visit in Plan Bee practise`s.
Photo tell more than thousand words!


Bomber#1`s own movie is going to be ready soon, here short trailer of it:

DVD is coming out end of 2008.Preorders own copy:


New Plan Bee competition is on!.

guess in our questbook, what bikes Plan Bee have in season 2009! First two right answer wins Plan Bee shirts! Be fast and win the nice PB-shirt!


B#1 was practise some pipe scrape in KTM supermoto:


Photos in the Plan Bee gigs has update.


Media site had update.


Plan Bee has co-operation whit tv-stars Duudson`s.., we get good footages!


Plan Bee`s Bomber Weekend show photos has updates in pics from the shows section!


Plan Bee`s 2008 first show in abroad was in Gotland Lelleträffen.
Nice event and good afterpartys!


Plan Bee`s first gig was in same time whit NSRC2008 competition, so guys take a part in some of comp.

Results was nice, four podium place`s!

B#1 was second in nordic PM-Longest Endo, Samu was third in nordinc-No Handed Wheeliessä, and also Longest Endossa
and Onni second nordic-fastest 1/4mile wheelie comp!
Kone Määttänen(doin crashbars and etc welding for Plan Bee) was also very happy for these results...


Couple new photos by Jami Saariniemi!


Plan Bee`s new member Dine was broke his knee. Let see is he out of business?!
Hope not...


Plan Bee DVD-competition winner Ville Rajala was take a part in PB`s practise day!


KTM Stuntmoto gets new Akrapovic exhaust, really hi-tech.


New photos has update in photos section.
Dine has loose bike control in few time...


Gig calender has dated whit new show in Nurmes 9.8.2008!

Plan Bee`s Jeppe has decision to keep one year out of stunt business. Jeppe are going to focus 2008 on his baby child..

Plan Bee has found new rider to keep Jeppe`s place in team. He is Plan Bee guys old friend on the street riding times.
Sami "Dine" Dinler.
Dine "Turkish Pepper" has really violent riding style and that is good thing in Plan Bee team!

Akrapovic factory is Plan Bee new sponsor whit the exhaust!
These new Akrapovic pipes are Awesom.

Check more in the link:

Videosite has up dated whit new video clip`s.

Plan Bee footages was in new Judgment Day 5 movie. Judgment Day 5 movie is made in U.S.A .
Skull Kemppainen was also in JD5 trailer.

Check the JD5 trailer:

Judgment Day 5 trailer

2008 riding season has start!

Plan Bee rides 2008 whit Arai-helmet!

Check more:


Gig calendar has dated.

Plan Bee made a deal at season 2008 whit Superbikers firm.
Plan Bee are going to stunt and ride whit awesome Power Trip and Joe Rocket`s jacket. Also pants are going to be new Esquadin motorcycle jeans!
Riding shoes coming to Puma`s Flat riding shoes.

Check more:

Plan Bee guys had possible to test outside a new KTM Stuntmoto.
Never before we have had possible to testride in February?!
Couple new photos has dated in photos section.

The official (kansainvälinen) KTM Magazines #16 was a big photo about Plan Bee in Hungaryring.

Finnish Bike magazine`s website have a videoclip about new KTM 690Duke testride by Plan Bee`s B#1.
Katso linkistä video:

Click, KTM 690 test

Couple photos about new KTM Suntmoto`s testing session.

B#1`s test riding photo about new KTM 690 Duke 3.

Check this Old School Plan Bee videoclip.
And give your comments to our questbook!

Finnish motorcycle magazine MP-Maailma number 1/2008 has interview about Plan Been B#1.
Check more at media section.

Stuntmoto get 250 EXC-F engine for heart.

Plan Bee stuntmoto looking like this whit a KTM powerparts goodies and Continental SM-tyres.

Here is Plan Bee`s new KTM 250cc stuntmoto. Frame was painted metal black.., looking eh, nice?!

Media site has up dated...

Plan Bee and Continental motorcycletyre factory make a co-operation deal of season 2008.

So now start easyly long Endo`s and nice drifting burn out`s, whit Continental awesom tires...

Check those Continental tyre models and your local dealer in this below link:

New Euro Stunters DVD movie, publish soon in the U.S.A.
There is also footages about Finnish Plan Bee team!

Here is the Euro Stunters DVD trailer, check it out:

Euro Stunters Trailer

MP-Asu`s new brochure has all over Plan Bee Bomber#1`s photos.

Check more at media section...

Plan Bee and Gatorz do it contract to season 2008!

Gatorz sunglasis are real stuff(aluminium), not just some plastic shit.
Check cool Gatorz models in link below this text:

Tomorrow we are post all Plan Bee Orange Rage DVD`s orders, around the world!

And media site are up dated...


Attention !

Plan Bee next movie is almost ready and that`s way we can take preorders for that!

45minute full action. Footages from Plan Bee practices, gig`s all over the Europe and streetstuntting plus basic PB-humour!
There is also approx 30min bonus material.

So, if you order your copy now, you get that movie whit other preorders, nice before Christmas and save over 10euros for normal price.
Preoder price is only 23euroa + PP.

Send your full name, full adress and phone number to Onni:

German Dragracer magazines nr.31 has a nice photo about Plan Bee guys in Hockenheim show!

Mediasite has dated.

2008 gig calender has dated.

Estonian Moto maania motorcycle magazine has some story about Plan Bee and Battery Race event.

Finnish Bike motorcycle magazines has footages about Plan Bee and KTM Festival.

Check more behind media link.

Here is next Plan Bee movie, Orange Rage trailer!
Check it out.
(Music: Solnic - Meanie in the Bottle)

Orange Rage Trailer(Low res)

Orange Rage Trailer(High res)

Swedish motorcycle webmagazine fastbikes, have a video clip about Plan Bee in Hungaroring KTM Festival.

Clik here and watch Samu`s helmetcam footages from KTM Festival

KTM 450SX stuntmoto give away,
guess in our quesbook what bike is going render this 450SX?

First right answer wins nice Plan Bee hooded sweatshirt!

Finnish biggest TV channel Yle TV1 made 20minute document about Plan Bee Jeppe!

You can watch this renewal in the net...

Click here and watch Plan Bee Jeppe`s document.

Finnish biggest car tuning magazine GTI number 8/2007 had big interwiev about Plan Bee team and our KTM Super Dukes.

Check more in media link...

Click here and the video, where Onni doing wheelie in Hungaroring track

Onni wheelie`s in Hungaroring track

French Street Monsters magazine has B#1 in the cover and there was big interwiev about him and his B-type streetfighter bike.
It`s a great mag and you find it here:

Check more behind our medialink...

From the show's section you find more Plan Bee photos about KTM Festival in Hungaroring.
It was great event and there was a lot great riders in same place!

B#1 take a part Tuupakantie Rocks, Bomber Stunt Fest competitions and here is the results:
#1 sija Longest Endo.
#3 sija Longest Coaster.
Jaettu #2 sija Eight Ball Burnouts.
You find more photos at, From the show's sections.

Finnish biggest newspaper Iltalehti has in Friday issue nice half page ad, about Bomber Stunt Fest.
Ofcourse there was Plan Bee Samu whit Super Duke in the photo!

B#1 was out whit hes new B-type fighter, so here is couple photos about it.

Pics to From the show's sections has dated couple photos, about NitrOlympx event.
There was over 50 000 people to watch our nightshow.
It was awesom!

13.8.2007 Couple new video clips has dated in video section...

12.8.2007 Onni was srape the Super Dukes pipes in the asphalt. Nice angle!

10.8.2007 Plan Bee was visit in Estonia Battery Race.
Here is couple photos there:

Plan Bee´s Samu went to a little test drive with over 1000 hp KTM Nitro Duke. Test burnout went well execpt Samu almost drove straight to the concrete wall. The official quartermile was unsuccessful because of technical problems and rainy weather...

June 18th 2007 - Plan Bee's B#1 participated with his B-type streetbike
to a bike show that was arranged in Kaivopuisto in Helsinki on Saturday.
Outcome: first prize as the best Streetfighter bike and the best painting in the show.

June 17th 2007 - Plan Bee says thanks to the good tips and comments
that concern the new website. This time "D-cu" and "mitsu" were lucky,

June 10th 2007 - Plan Bee is possibly thinking of making a new website.
Now you can tell us what kind of impovements or changes would you
like to have! So write your comments to our quesbook and you can win
a Plan Bee t-shirt! The winners will be selected on June 16th 2007.

May 30th 2007 - Some pictures were added to the photogallery from
our last gig in Kuopio. Thanks for the pictures to Mikko Väätäinen!

On the way home we also visited Tony Raita's Other Side Tattoo studio.

May 23rd 2007 - ATTENTION! Some inside information for Plan Bee fans:
KTM and Bike World Helsinki are going to make a limited replica edition of the
Plan Bee KTM Super Duke.

Each bike has:
- MX Renthal bar
- stunt / street gearing (16/46)
- Plan Bee stickers
- Slip-on by LeoVince
- KTM flake orange wheels
- Plan Bee crashbars

Each bike has a rolling "serial number",
so each bike really is a unique one...

Price in Finland (and registed to finland) with tax is 15.900 €
You can also order bikes from outside of Finland!
Ask price in Bike World Helsinki!

Bike World Helsinki

May 22nd 2007 - Some pictures were added to the photogallery from
our show at Allright.

May 21st 2007 - Plan Bee is going abroad!
Plan Bee is going to do a show in Parnu Estonia on a drag race event
called Battery Race.

Last year it was called Kohuke race and the show was unbelievable.

May 17th 2007 - In The official KTM Magazine (issue 14/2007) had an
article about Plan Bee for the first time.

May 14th 2007 - In the photogallery, section "from the show's", were
added some pictures from our show in Seinäjoki.

May 9th 2007 - Photogallery has some new pictures from our gig
in Joensuu. Thanks also for Antti Hyytiäinen for the pictures!

May 29th 2007 - Samu and B#1 had an "action-Saturday" which included
some motocross with our KTMs and after that some stuntriding.

Here are some photos:

April 23rd 2007 - The legendary stuntdriver Arto Nyqvist's new store
called Artsi Cycle had its opening party last Saturday. Onni and B#1
from Plan Bee made a surprise visit to the parking area that was
very slippery because it had just rained..

Few pics from the parking area:

Also Mr. Nykänen was the and he even fell from the roof..

April 19th 2007 - Website for our gig in Hungary has just opened.
Chek it out:

April 12th 2007 - New videoclips from our training session..

KTM SuperDukes 2ride (click here).

April 10th 2007 - Plan Bee's stand in Bomber Hell Show.

April 4th 2007 - New Plan Bee shirts have finally arrived!

First shirts you can buy from B-shop's stand (ACS2007) in Bomber Hell next weekend. And after that the shirts will be sold in the e-shop.



April 30th 2007 - Plan Bee goes Hungaryring!

It's a worldwide KTM Festival 2007 where all the KTM-fans from all over the world gather to party and drive motocross and supermoto in a F1 circuit. Let's see how the boys from Finland will handle it?

March 26th 2007 - Plan Bee's Super Duke's saddles get a new form from a professional fabric designer.

Mika Halonen Design a.k.a MHD has just opened a new store in Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

See MHD's website:

Now its easy to do wheelies without hands.

March 24th 2007 - Riding season has finally opened! Some videos has been added to the video-section.

Here is Onni's and Samu's style:

Onni's and Samu's burnouts (klick here)

March 18th 2007 - Couple of new pics from supermoto and a videoclip.

Bomber#1`s 180 Endo whit KTM 450 SM

March 14th 2007 - A bikemagazine called Motomix Magazin from Hungary had a three page article about Plan Bee and its history. Read more in the Media-link..

March 3rd 2007 - Couple new pics in the photogallery.

March 3rd 2007 - Finnish GTI-magazine had a little article about Plan Bee DVD and a picture from motorcycle fair.

March 2nd 2007 - Pictures of our new bikes has been added to the bikes section.

February 2nd 2007 - Calendar has been updated.
New shows at KoneJönnit in Joensuu:

And at Yamaha Center in Kuopio:

February 22nd 2007 - Mediasite updated.

February 19th 2007 - Calendar updated.

February 13th 2007 - Finally the last KTM arrived. This a very furious KTM 450SX with special powerparts. This bike will be modified suitable for stuntriding. Here are some pics:

February 12th 2007 - Some new KTM test pictures has been updated to the photogallery. Testing was made in a Kart'in Club in Helsinki.
Helsingin Kart'in Club

February 8th 2007 - In a German Fighters-magazine (issue 2/2007) had an advertisement about Plan Bee's Motorhead dvd.

February 7th 2007 - In a French Extreme Machines magazine (issue 4) had an article about Plan Bee and the deal we made with KTM.

February 6th 2007 - We made a short videoclip for the motorcycle fair about the first test drives with the SuperDuke. After practising one hour this is what we achieved with KE-Pictures:

KTM SuperDukes first testride.

February 5th 2007 - The Motorcycle fair is finally over. Thank you for everybody who was there. Even though we printed 5000 Plan Bee poster we still ran out of them during the weekend. Here are some pictures from the fair:

February 2nd 2007 - Don't forget to come to the Motorcycle fair and check out both KTM's and Bomber Hell's stands. See our new KTM's and the new movie! Get a free poster with signatures...

January 29th 2007 - Testing the angle.

January 28th 2007 - Modifications...

January 24th 2007 - New LeoVince pipes finally arrived from the factory.

January 23rd 2007 - This time we will make dubble brake calipers.

January 21st 2007 - During the long and lonely winter you allways have to come up with something to do. B#1 updated his van with a new colour. Jude and Taskinen did the painting.

January 20th 2007 - Couple of showpictures added to the gallery.

January 15th 2007 - A German Fighters Magazine starts to sell Plan Bee Motorhead DVDs.

Fighters Shop

January 12th 2007 - Plan Bee presents: the advance order competition of The Oldschool Revenge movie has ended. The winner is Ville Rajala from Kouvola!

Ville will be joining us when we go trainging with our bikes!

January 10th 2007 - Our Super Dukes will be equiped with Renthal sprocket wheels which were decorated with small details by an machinist of a company called Taistelija Oy (="Fighter Ltd").

January 8th 2007 - Now its the final opportunity to order The Oldschool Revenge movie presented by Plan Bee. At the same time you can join the competition.

Here is more information about the movie:
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Sound tracks: Doby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1.
Subtitles: English, Swedish and Finnish.
Duration: about 40 min.

Bonus material: Teasers, making of Plan Bee in a show called Ennätystehdas, NitroDuke NitrOlympix, KTM and Plan Bee, Bad Media musicvideo.

The Oldschool Revenge teaser 2.
The Oldschool Revenge teaser 1.

January 6th 2007 - Onni did a surprise gig at Hartwall Arena before the icehockey game Jokerit vs. Tappara.